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Teacher’s day celebration

octubre 16, 2017

On Friday, October 13th we celebrated teacher’s day in lower school. On this day we recognized all our teaching staff and the amazing work they do. There was an assembly …

Fifth Grade Exhibition

octubre 16, 2017

In the fifth grade, the students have eagerly begun working on the Exhibition. The exhibition is a culminating activity that incorporates all of the elements of the PYP. This year …

Second Grade Community Helper Project

octubre 5, 2017

This week in Second-grade students partook in their summative assessment for the unit: How We Organise Ourselves. Students have been focusing on following directions in class and the importance of …

Talento literario en el AIS

octubre 3, 2017

En el Octavo  Concurso Antofagasta en 100 palabras dos de nuestras estudiantes, alcanzaron un notoria participación, nos referimos a Monserrat del Fierro Grassi del 6° B y Dariana  Sandoval Ceja …

Exitoso Operativo de Seguridad

septiembre 29, 2017

Hoy, 29 de septiembre, a las 11:00 horas, el sonido de las alarmas inundó patios y pasillos del colegio, anunciando que comenzaba un  nuevo operativo de seguridad. En la oportunidad …

First Grade Ramadas

septiembre 15, 2017

“The first graders have been learning about the unit Who We Are with the focus on how culture contributes to our identity.  They have been engaged in several activities that …